While I may be fairly new to the world of traditional publishing as yet, I have had a few stories accepted for, and published by, traditional publications. Below are links to some of them.

I seem to have a bit of a knack for very short stories, and I’ve been fortunate that some have been accepted by the website 101words.org, part of the Flash Fiction magazine group. Here they are:

Phoenix: a broken heart, a mother’s love – the first stirrings of recovery.

The Farming Game: a group of teens discover it’s not so easy to grow food in real life.

Consequences: what might have happened if Paris, Prince of Troy, had chosen a different path?

There are publications that go for an even smaller word count. Here’s one, from fiftywordstories.com:

Birds: a childless couple’s typical day.

A short story I wrote after a fascinating trip to the local archives office sparked a ‘what if’ moment was accepted for a charity anthology for a children’s hospital. The work is sadly out of production at the moment, but still appears on Amazon.

Something to Take on the Trip

Finally, a non-fiction piece I wrote under my pagan pen name, Rhianna Nodens, was published in Moon Books’ offering detailing many of the pagan goddesses.

Naming the Goddess