I am currently working on a commissioned article, to appear in the forthcoming Moon Books publication, Naming the Goddess.

I have written many short items for publication, mostly in the form of reviews for Paradigm Shift magazine, a few samples of which are available here.

I have also had this short article about past life therapy published in the online magazine, Spiritual Soul, early in 2013.

This article, about an early morning stroll in a garden in Norwich, appeared in one of the local magazines there.

I have also had published several items in Professional Secretary, the magazine of the IQPS (Institute of Qualified Professional Secretaries), including several reviews, reports on a number of branch meetings and visits (including to Leeds Castle, where we saw behind the scenes into the conference and hotel facilities, and the Body Shop Experience tour), and a Day in the Life article, written when I worked as a temp for Black Horse Financial Services.

As well as writing, I also have a holistic therapy business – – and would be very happy to write articles on any of the therapies I offer, or on holistic health or personal spirituality or development. I have an article written for a magazine, which was not quite to their needs at the time, that could be adapted for use elsewhere, on the subject of not feeling good enough, and ways in which this can be improved, and ideas for many more such articles are on the back burner for now. If anyone would more details on this, do please feel free to contact me.