I have written – or started writing – a large number of novels over the years. Very few have yet been completed; even fewer have been edited into publishable form. But I’m working on it. I’ve recently entered a couple of novel competitions, so fingers crossed!

Two are now published – the first Cathy Heritage, and the first in the Journey Into the Unknown and Back Again trilogy. See my Published Works page for details and links to their Amazon pages.


Past Lives and Spiritual Development – Cathy Heritage books

These books are based largely on my own experiences, learning, and discovered past lives, and carry a theme of healing, self-development and spiritual learning that may help provide insights, information, and guidance for others seeking to improve their own lives – both current and future.


Paranormal Crime – Liberty Gibbens stories

The heroine of these stories is an osteo-archaeologist who, in the course of her work, comes into contact with the bones and artefacts of long-dead people. With her psychic abilities becoming more honed and developed, she is increasingly able to solve ages-old mysteries and provide unusual information about the people whose remains she is excavating.  She also stars in several short ‘ghost whisperer’ stories, currently in two volumes, published both separately and as part of the Departing Souls compilation volume.  See my Published Works page for further details and Amazon links.


Spiritual Adventure Series

I’m currently collaborating with a friend in America on an exciting spiritual adventure series entitled Journey Into the Unknown and Back Again. Book One is already available on Amazon and Book Two is underway.


Fantasy Novels

I have started, but never finished, several fantasy novels for adult readers. Here are the opening chapters from three of them.

I’ve done rather better with my fantasy series for children, Grail Maiden.  Through the magic of NaNoWriMo, the annual challenge to write 50,000 words of a novel in the month of November, I’ve written the first four of these novels, and I’m currently seeking representation and a publisher.  They are stuffed full of magic, myth and legend, and are aimed at showing some of the many ways in which someone growing to adulthood can become more confident and self-aware.