Spiritual Soul article


Past Life Therapy

by Karen Tucker MICHM

If you’re not entirely convinced by the whole ‘past life thing’, here’s some good news – it isn’t necessarily about your own previous reincarnations.

There are many theories about where the memories and information discovered during past life therapy come from, and reincarnation is only one of them.  Other possibilities are that you are accessing ancestral memories, perhaps passed down through your genes; that your subconscious mind creates a ‘fairy story’ to illustrate the issue you are working on, so that you can deal with it from a safe distance; and that you are accessing the Akashic Record (the complete record of everything that has ever happened on Earth), either because you have similar issues to someone who has lived before and may be able to learn from them, or to help clear some remnant of psychic debris that you have volunteered to deal with.  Judy Hall, a former past life therapist, explains all these theories and more in her book on the subject, which you may like to read.

Wherever it comes from, the information you discover through past life work will always be of relevance to your current life in some way.  The shamans of Samarkand call it working with ‘memory demons’ and believe that they can be passed down the generations until some brave soul faces and releases them;  they are then healed for the whole genetic family.

Different therapists work in different ways, but the main two branches of this therapy utilise either intuitive or psychic information picked up by the therapist; or a form of hypnotherapy, where the client is assisted into a hypnotic state (which is perfectly natural – you enter this state every night as you are falling asleep), and carefully guided to a memory that is important in helping you to release the issue at hand.

Past life therapy is, like any therapy, a tool for helping people to heal issues that are causing them difficulties, whether they be physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual.  Many people have found information in this way that has helped them move forward with a project, with their physical healing, or with improving their relationships, for instance, but the things it can help with are limited only by the needs of the client.  Allergies, injuries, repetitive relationship patterns, phobias, all can be healed by accessing ‘past life memories’ and using the information therapeutically.

Can anyone be helped by past life therapy?  In theory, anyone who is willing and able to enter hypnosis can find healing, or even connect with ancient knowledge, by this means.  And what if you, like so many before you, access ‘memories’ of a famous person, like Julius Caesar or Nefertiti?  How can so many people have ‘been’ that one person?  This may be because their life is illustrative of the root of your own problems, and by understanding what caused their issues, you may find a way to release your own.


Deja Who? by Judy Hall

Master of Lucid Dreams by Olga Kharitidi