Welcome to the Writing Website of

Karen Tucker and Rhianna Nodens

(They are the same person, by the way!)


It’s a long story, but I managed to end up with two names. My family and colleagues and some of my friends know me as Karen, while my pagan friends and my partner call me Rhianna – it’s how they were introduced to me. So you’ll see some of my writings attributed to Karen (these are the more universal ones) and some attributed to Rhianna (which I call my bardic offerings).

Please feel free to browse around, and if you like what you see, let me know.  There’s lots to read, including samples of the various genres I write in, so grab a cuppa, settle down, and read on!


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About Me

I’ve always loved reading, and even as a young child, it seemed a natural progression for me to start writing my own stories.  So I’ve been a writer of fiction most of my life (with occasional gaps when life got in the way).  In more recent years, I’ve branched out into non-fiction, and also done a little proof-reading.  I’ve had several pieces published in the magazine of the Institute of Qualified Professional Secretaries, and was writing reviews for Paradigm Shift magazine for a couple of years; I also had an article on Past Life Therapy (in which I am well qualified) published in an on-line spiritual magazine.

For more about me and what makes me tick as a writer, please see my About Page.


Works in Progress

Fantasy Novels for Children

I’m excited at how the Grail Maiden books, originally planned as a trilogy, have expanded and grown in concept and size. Currently four books long, with another one at least in the pipeline, they are set in an alternate timeline around the 9th century in north west Wales, in a land where paganism still reigns, and which is alive with myth and magic, and they feature – of course! – a quest for the Grail Cup, as well as the finding of Merllyn in his cave, and Wounding of the King, and a bitter vendetta that must be assuaged.

I have also started a number of fantasy novels aimed at the more adult market, but none is finished yet. See the Fantasy Novels page for more information and some samples of these works.

Paranormal Crime Novels

My paranormal crime novel, Past Sins (starring Liberty Gibbens, heroine of the Ghost Whisperer stories), was shortlisted by the Crime Writers’ Association for their Debut Dagger Award in 2003. I have since finished drafting this novel, but I’m still editing it. It’s not yet ready for publication, but I’m too busy working on the Grail Maiden series to get it edited yet. Maybe one day … ?

I have a full-length book in the pipeline, Healing Tales, which aims to present real and imagined stories of healing, to help readers on their own healing path.


And Finally …

Last, but by no means least, as mentioned above, I follow a Pagan path and sometimes write under my ‘pagan name’ of Rhianna Nodens. I also have a qualification as a Bard from British Druid Order. As Rhianna, I have contributed an article to the Moon Books publication, Naming the Goddess. I’ve written a number of poems under this name, which I may publish one day, and I’m also undertaking a self-directed course in Bardism, as a means of developing my writing skills still further.

My current pagan project, which I’m really excited about, is writing, recording, and making available a series of pagan meditations. There will be six available free of charge; the rest will be available for purchase and download or streaming from the website.  It’s a work in progress, but the free ones are already roughly recorded and available to listen to. I’d love some feedback if you’d care to pass on your thoughts.