Self-published Stories and Novels

Here are details of all my self-published stories, including a novel on past life healing, a collaborative spiritual novel, collections of short stories with a ghostly content, and another collection of heart-warming short stories. And now my first children’s novel!

Sandals in the Snow

Book 1 in the series Lindy and the Fairies

I started writing children’s stories in 2015 after taking an online course that reminded me that children still love fantasy stories. So here’s my first published children’s novel, starring Lindy Jones aged ten and three quarters. Set at Easter 1977 (hence published at Easter 2023), it’s a sweet story about a sweet girl, and very reminiscent of some of the books I enjoyed at around that age, in around 1977, as are the second and third books in the series, published in May and September 2023.

In Sandals in the Snow, Lindy’s beloved Nanna is taken ill. With her parents having died when their cruise ship sank, her Nanna is the only family Lindy has. Her Nanna’s illness isn’t her only problem. The house needs a lot of work and there’s no money to pay for it, and Lindy is being bullied at her new school. Can she catch a fairy, and if so, will her three wishes help to sort out all her problems?

Healing the Wounds

A novel of past-life trauma and present-life healing in paperback or on E-book

Read the first chapter for free here.

Interested in past lives but unsure how they can be relevant to your life today? Healing the Wounds is a novelised account of my own past lives, showing how healing them in the present day can help speed spiritual development and clear ancient karmic debt, raising your vibration and connecting you to your higher purpose.

Cathy Heritage has lost a child, an embryo she carried for only a few days. Haunted by the loss, she dreams about a past life in which she was brutally killed while pregnant, and learns the reason for a painful relationship break-up. As more past life issues on a similar theme begin to come to light, Cathy learns to find relief from the karmic emotions she has carried for many lifetimes, through forgiveness, understanding, acceptance and compassion.

With tears and laughter, the unfailing support of good friends and her spirit guide, and initially the bewilderment and scorn of others, Cathy learns to release much of her past-life trauma. Along the way, she helps others release their own trauma, forms new friendships and frees herself to find a wonderful new relationship, as well as a possible new career. But the hardest lesson of all is to let go of the little girl she never got to hold.

The sequel to Healing the Wounds, provisionally titled Claiming the Pearls, sees which Cathy continue her exploration of past lives. She also learns about modern shamanic and other healing techniques, and experiences the power of the pagan way, helping her to rediscover old gifts, knowledge and talents. Look out for the latest episode in Cathy Heritage’s personal journey.

“If you’re considering past life therapy, this book will tell you in engaging novel form what you’ll be getting for your money. A first person confessional narrative in the present tense, it takes you through the author’s own therapy on the wings of simple, easily palatable phrases.” – LL, reviewed on Amazon.

Stories to Warm Your Heart

A short collection of short stories by Bite-Sized Books, only in E-book

This small collection of short stories is designed to be read in those moments when you have a short time to yourself – on the bus, tube, subway, etc; in your lunch or tea break; or any time you have a few minutes to relax.

There are six stories in all – six romantic or simply heartwarming moments to make you smile. They are:

  • The Rainbows – a very short, but very romantic, starter
  • The First Kiss? – a young man’s fancy turns again to the love of his life. Will he manage to tell her this time?
  • What Comes Between – taking the brave step of living with her new love is only the start. Can she accommodate her man’s divided loyalties and accept his cat, too?
  • Finally – A Rose! – they’ve waited a long time, but finally, the big day is here … and full of romance!
  • The Once and Future Marriage? – can Pete and Dorothy’s marriage survive the boredom that seems to have set in?
  • A Crazy Sort of Love – a temporary security assignment has unforeseen consequences.

Departing Souls Volume 1

Available in Paperback and E-book

An omnibus edition of the short stories from three different collections, plus one brand new tale not found elsewhere. This volume features the stories from Horripilations Volume 1, plus their continuations and conclusions from the first two volumes of Liberty Gibbens, Ghost Whisperer. The stories in Horripilations, each designed to be read in a few minutes, contain a selection of tales to send a shiver down your spine.

  • The Voice in the Trees – a short piece of flash fiction to get you looking over your shoulder.
  • The Spirit of the Loch – the tension builds in this tale of two friends caught up in the story of Scottish lovers parted by death.
  • A Bit of Friendly Persuasion – a tale of ordinary greed, with a shiver at the end.
  • The Cleansing – a young woman inherits something terrifying when she buys a new home for herself and her unborn child.
  • Death in the Nightmare – a heart-pounding recurring dream; what can it mean?

In the Ghost Whisperer stories, the spirits in these Horripilations stories meet the heroine of Past Sins, my novel-in-progress. Liberty Gibbens is a talented medium, who can talk to ghosts, find out their stories and help them pass over into the next world. There are also three new stories in these volumes that don’t follow on from Horripilations tales.

Finally in this volume, there is a bonus tale, only for readers of this omnibus.

Horripilations Volume 1

Bite-Sized Books – Only £0.99 on Amazon

In this short collection of short stories, each designed to be read in a few minutes, you will find a selection of tales to chill you to the marrow, or just to send a shiver down your spine.

The stories in Volume One are:

  • The Voice in the Trees – a short piece of flash fiction to get you looking over your shoulder.
  • The Spirit of the Loch – short-listed for the Annual Ghost Story competition by Writers’ Magazine in the late 1990s, the tension builds in this story of lovers parted by death until the final, satisfying ending.
  • A Bit of Friendly Persuasion – an ordinary tale of ordinary greed, with a shiver at the end.
  • The Cleansing – a young woman inherits something she did not expect when she buys a new home in which to bring up her unborn child.
  • Death in the Nightmare – what does the recurring dream Kelly suffers from mean, and how can it help her?

Horripilations Volume 2

Bite-Sized Books – Bite-Sized Books – Only £0.99 only on Amazon

A second short collection of short stories designed to be read in minutes – in your lunch break; on the train, bus, subway or tube; or snatched moments between caring for loved ones. More tales to chill your spine or just provoke a shiver. Volume Two contains:

  • The Hanging Room – a short piece of flash fiction to really get the tingles going.
  • Susan – when an old ‘friend’ from her schooldays starts appearing in her dreams, Cathy has no idea of the discoveries it will lead her to.
  • No 1 Acacia Place – a chilling tale of sibling rivalry. Will the evil twin get her revenge?
  • Full Circle – originally published by World Wide Writers in 2000, this old-fashioned tale of the old man in the attic and his chilling intention was originally written for an RL Stevenson anniversary competition, and is written in a style similar to that of the original writers of ghost stories.

Horripilations Volume 3

Horripilations Volume 3 cover

Bite-Sized Books – Bite-Sized Books – Only £0.99 only on Amazon

This is my third compilation of short ghostly stories – stories to chill your spine and make you shiver. It contains five bite-sized tales, short enough to read in your lunch break or on your way to work.

The Ancient Farmhouse – The ancient stone house seemed to be the perfect retirement pad – but it held a dark secret.
Being Katya – A father’s dying confession – but the truth is not what he thinks.
The Gnome of Doom – Rebecca is just being paranoid about the ‘evil’ gnome statue that seems to move by itself … isn’t she?
Trick or Treat – A boarding-school prank ends in disaster.
River of Souls – A heavy fog brings a ghostly task for the inhabitant of a river boat.

“A very enjoyable set of short stories. Imaginative, spooky, and fun. I’m pleased these don’t rely on gore to scare, as that doesn’t really worry me. It’s about situations and people. I particularly liked Being Katya and River of Souls. Can’t wait to go read the other 2 volumes.” – Cheri, reviewed on Amazon.

Liberty Gibbens, Ghost Whisperer – Volume 1

Bite-Sized Books, only £0.99 on Amazon

Following on from the success of the Horripilations volumes, two of these stories are inspired by, and pick up the loose ends from, those tales and resolve them. The other is a fictionalised version of a house-clearing I once did.

Liberty Gibbens, also known as Libby, is an osteo-archaeologist by trade, but has a psychic talent that she is just beginning to learn to use and control. Through a series of short episodes in which her particular skills are much in demand, she develops her talents and her experience in the world of paranormal investigation. There are three short stories in this volume:

  • The Voice in the Trees – intriguingly begun in the very short piece that opens Horripilations Volume 1, this story tells the tale behind the flash of white in the undergrowth and the screaming voice in Ruth’s nightmare. Who is the woman, and why did she contact Libby’s friend?
  • Sarah’s Dilemma – Libby is taken on a training assignment by the teacher from her development circle, to discover the truth behind an unexplained chill in the air and a smell of pipe smoke in the living room. Have the children really seen a flapper on the stairs?
  • The Unwanted Guest – picking up on the story of the ‘friendly persuasion’ from Horripilations Volume 1, this is the story of the guitar-playing boy and Libby’s attempt to dislodge him from the house he was unwittingly invited into.

Liberty Gibbens, Ghost Whisperer – Volume 2

Bite-Sized Books, only £0.99 on Amazon

This is the second volume of short stories in which Liberty Gibbens investigates ghostly activities, meets the spirits involved, and helps them to pass to their rest. Two of these tales follow on from ghost stories in the collection Horripilations Volume 1. The other two are new stories. All stand alone and need no knowledge of the stories on which they are based.

  • The Reparation – following on from The Cleansing in Horripilations 1, this story follows Libby as she contacts the spirit of the man in the basement. Can she persuade him to leave Julie and her newborn baby in peace?
  • Relieving the Nightmare – Libby encounters Kelly, struggling to find peace after she was saved from a horrific death by a recurring nightmare. But what happened to the woman who died? Can Libby set Kelly’s mind at rest?
  • Freeing the Captives – at a meeting of the local psychic circle, Libby learns a new skill; that of helping to release a spirit attachment from a person’s aura. Why does Annette suffer from hip trouble, and crave custard cream biscuits?
  • The Governess – persuaded to advertise her services, Libby’s first ‘client’ has an unusual request: can she rid him of the governess in his room?

Liberty Gibbens, Ghost Whisperer – Volume 3

Bite-Sized Books, only £0.99 on Amazon

Once again, our heroine Liberty Gibbens (Libby to her friends) encounters a series of unquiet spirits, persuades them to tell her their stories, and offers them help to pass over. The stories in this volume are:

The Family Curse – following on from the flash story in Horripilations Volume 2, we discover the reason for two suicides and several unexplained deaths, and meet the vengeful spirit aiming to make the whole family suffer.
Seeking Susan – continuing the second story from Horripilations Volume 2, Susan won’t rest until she knows her murdering ex-husband is behind bars. But even she doesn’t know the full story of his crimes.
The Widow’s Tale – Libby and her friend Ruth encounter the spirit of a woman from the Civil War. But why is she still on the Earth plane after all these centuries?
The Body-Snatched – Libby meets the spirit of a Georgian pauper on the upper floor of a library.
Lizzy Dripping – Answering Libby’s advertisement as a ghost whisperer, Laura has an unusual problem: it seems her pond is haunted!

I’m now working on a third volume of Libby’s exploits, drawing on stories from the second volume of Horripilations.

Journey Into the Unknown and Back Again

Available on Amazon for £18.42 in Paperback

A paranormal novel, Book 1 of a trilogy that will take you on an amazing adventure into many of the world’s mysteries written by me in collaboration with crystal skull explorer and paranormal investigator and teacher, Joshua Shapiro.

The story involves the journey of Joseph and Katherine Schwartz, Crystal Skull, World Mysteries and Paranormal Investigators, as we find them in late 2018 doing a southwest lecture tour in the U.S. Then all of a sudden strange and inexplicable events and phenomena begin to happen to them as they eventually are guided to head to the northern part of Peru, high up in the Andes Mountain – actually being given the land coordinates to go by Shamans and spiritual mediums as Joseph is given the greatest invitation ever to travel through a dimensional door and visit the so-called “other-side”. Within this novel, we do our best to include real life paranormal and spirit subjects such as UFOs, Crystal Skulls, Apported Objects, the Lemurians who live in Telos, contact with Sasquatch, speaking to shamans (native and aboriginals) and much much more.

For every subject described in the book, there is a resource directory in the back and all kinds of special illustration given to show key moments in the story. Joshua Shapiro is a real life Crystal Skull Explorer like what we saw in the last Indiana Jones film. He has traveled the world searching for new information and insights about the Crystal Skulls along with other world mysteries.