Fantasy Novels


I have started, but not yet finished, a number of fantasy novels. I’m considering taking Robert Rankin’s advice, given at a writing workshop I attended some years ago, which was to ‘include it all’! So, while these novels may yet end up as a single novel with many different threads (which fantasy novels often have), at present they are separate stories, so are presented here as such.

Darga’s Thorpe

This novel started life as a fairly lengthy ‘prophecy poem’, which inspired me to write the story to accompany it. Here is the first chapter of this story, about the building of a ‘fleet’ of Wyvern Riders to protect the land.

The Fiveling’s Journey

Another novel that started life as something else – this time a short story, written (if memory serves me correctly) as part of an exercise in a meeting of the writers’ group, The Write Idea. This story (first chapter here) is about a land known as the Protectorate, in which magic is employed to hold at bay the machinations of The Grey Ones, who have the rest of the lands around in an iron grip, making the lives of those who live there ‘brutish, nasty and short’. Doena has reached the level of training where she must go out into the barren country outside the Protectorate and find an apprentice … putting into practice all that she has learned in her five years with the College.


A very new novel for me, with only the Prologue written so far, and inspired by the situation my character was given to begin with in an online Dungeons and Dragons game (thanks to Dave Collins for the initial idea). This one may well eventually change its name and appear under the pen name of Rhianna Nodens. Here is what I’ve put together so far.