Cathy Heritage Series

Spiritual Development Novels

The only novel all my own that is currently available is ‘Healing the Wounds’, a tale of past-life trauma and present-life healing, which is based on the experiences I have had in healing my own past-life issues. As the precis on the back cover says:

“Cathy Heritage has lost a child, an embryo she carried for only a few days. Haunted by the loss, she dreams about a past life in which she was brutally killed while pregnant, and learns the reason for a painful relationship break-up. As more past life issues on a similar theme begin to come to light, Cathy learns to find relief from the karmic emotions she has carried for many lifetimes, through forgiveness, understanding, acceptance and compassion. With tears and laughter, the unfailing support of good friends and her spirit guide, and initially the bewilderment and scorn of others, Cathy learns to release much of her past-life trauma. Along the way, she helps others release their own trauma, forms new friendships and frees herself to find a wonderful new relationship, as well as a possible new career. But the hardest lesson of all is to let go of the little girl she never got to hold.”

Healing the Wounds is available on Amazon, in both paperback and on Kindle

I am currently drafting the sequel, Claiming the Pearls. Watch this space!

In the meantime, you might like to tickle your reading buds with a taster from Healing the Wounds.